einfach leben

    Communicating what is essential to your brand is crucial in the current time of digital overload. Trumer, a private beer brewery from Obertrum (20 kilometers outside of Salzburg) wanted to do something special.

    Trumer’s goal is, to tell good news to encourage people that a „simple life“ (german: „einfach leben“ also Trumer’s slogan) is aspirational. Our good friends from Raven and Finch, invited us to be part of the campaign.

    The idea behind was to match 9 core values of Trumer’s brand with 9 personalities and talk about those (and not talking about beer). The values are: with awarness, with time, with mindfulness, with boundlessness, with creativity, with personality, with taste, with courage, together.

    The personalities are Heini Staudinger (enfant terrible of the Austrian Shoemakers), Ali Mahlodji (founder of Watchado), Aoiro (a smell design company), Adrian Goiginger (filmmaker), Anitra Eggler (radical thinker and author), Bernhard Ott (wine maker) — see the rest on the website.

    Our services:
    – Videography
    – Photography
    – Editing for all formats

    Spread the good news.